The CMS Advisory Group
September 23, 2011, 9:08 am
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We’re making headway with the CMS requirements.  Each week, the CMS workgroup gets closer and closer to finalizing the requirements for the upcoming CMS. The last two meetings have been dedicated to fine-tuning the list, moving items around, and discussing what is possible and plausible.  These discussions will continue until mid-October when the requirements list will be finalized (yay!) and the workgroup will move on to the next step.


“I heard something about an Advisory Group?”


Yes! The CMS Advisory Group is a team of collaborative individuals providing input, suggestions, and other feedback to the workgroup. This team is chaired by Stephanie Harff and Kathleen Long and meets monthly to review the progression of the project.


Members include:

  • Michele Dye, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Eileen Thornton, Tampa Campus Library
  • Janet Gillis, College of Engineering
  • Lorie Briggs, College of Business Administration
  • Wayne Espinola, Administrative Services
  • Michael Abrahams, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Paul Trusik, Tampa Campus Library
  • Travis Thompson, Office of Decision Support
  • Nina Contreras, College of The Arts


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Requirements & Wish Lists
September 13, 2011, 10:33 am
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Defining the requirements is essential to starting any project. It’s also one of the most challenging steps, as the workgroup has to organize, understand and assess all issues relating to the project. At this point, the CMS workgroup has defined basic requirements that are essential to the overall project, as well as a wish list for items we know we would be icing on the cake.

A few of the essential requirements that are being discussed include an image library provided by UCM; mobile browsing; spellcheck and word count functions; submission previews; and slideshows!

One new issue that came up during last week’s discussion: standardized URLs. The CMS workgroup discussed moving URLs to one standard (ex: rather than what many departments and colleges have (ex: in order to unite everyone behind USF.

Each week, we are concentrating on different requirements, exploring them step by step in order to finalize the requirements list.

New topics are discussed each week, so stay tuned.

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CMS Project & Members
September 2, 2011, 1:44 pm
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We’re getting deeper invested in the new CMS project that is underway. But what does it mean?

The web presence on campus is decentralized. Our colleges, departments, and organizational units are all using different programs and software to create their web sites to showcase what an amazing place USF is.  However, it is important to centralize these services and unite our web sites to create a congruency from a brand perspective. We are USF and by implementing a CMS everyone will be using, we will highlight the leadership and support the university has for its colleges and departments.

Who are they and what will they be doing?

The CMS workgroup is comprised of members from across USF Tampa. Each member brings his/her own unique style and perspective that will be used to help guide the project.  These members have been specifically chosen based on their backgrounds and their current positions with USF (meaning, brilliant, savvy, and most importantly – experienced)

  • Kathleen Long, Information Technology
  • Stephanie Harff, University Communications & Marketing
  • Christopher Akin, Information Technology
  • Charlotte Koh, University Communications & Marketing
  • Anne Scott, University Communications & Marketing
  • Roger Ali, Information Technology
  • Jason Lehman, Information Technology
  • David Soniat, Information Technology
  • Eric Pierce, Information Technology
  • Carol Tufts, Information Technology
  • Brandy Frey, Information Technology
  • Alisha Ales, Information Technology (that’s me!)
  • Valerie Laconto, Information Technology
  • Carolyn Mourey, Information Technology
  • Uma Dhavileshwarapu, Information Technology
  • Michael Sink, Information Technology

This workgroup will be working closely with the Web Rebranding Advisory Committee.  That group consists of 4 technical and 4 non-technical members who will serve as the oversight committee, meaning as we move forward with the project, the Advisory Committee will provide feedback and direction.  The Web Rebranding Advisory Committee will be meeting monthly from now on.

Now that we have our workgroup and committee in place, we’re going to start getting to the meat of the project: defining requirements and developing templates.

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The Great CMS Project
September 1, 2011, 9:59 am
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A brand new Content Management System will be making its way to USF in the next year. Colleges, departments, and programs will have access to an incredible tool that will help them build new web sites via an online application accessed through the web. Anyone can now be a content contributor for their department and will have access to templates and guides to help them step by step.

This cub reporter will be updating our faithful readers every step of the way as we begin defining requirements, gathering information, and checking items off of our wish list for the most comprehensive and usable CMS USF has ever seen.

Who’s designing this system anyway? We’ll find out next.

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