Requirements & Wish Lists
September 13, 2011, 10:33 am
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Defining the requirements is essential to starting any project. It’s also one of the most challenging steps, as the workgroup has to organize, understand and assess all issues relating to the project. At this point, the CMS workgroup has defined basic requirements that are essential to the overall project, as well as a wish list for items we know we would be icing on the cake.

A few of the essential requirements that are being discussed include an image library provided by UCM; mobile browsing; spellcheck and word count functions; submission previews; and slideshows!

One new issue that came up during last week’s discussion: standardized URLs. The CMS workgroup discussed moving URLs to one standard (ex: rather than what many departments and colleges have (ex: in order to unite everyone behind USF.

Each week, we are concentrating on different requirements, exploring them step by step in order to finalize the requirements list.

New topics are discussed each week, so stay tuned.

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